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I am a fan of Hamasaki Ayumi.
It is the singer who is the most cute in Japan.

The world concert of Ayumi was over last week.
Japan is going to greet summer now.

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Hikaru Japan She is a singer of the first ability in Japan singing first love in.

Music Japan for English

Hello everyone,
I am hiro in japan.


about Ayumi Hamasaki

Even if I am person that I am close for “the idol” of a place saying by old days, – – Ayumi Hamasaki that a woman singer that “a song is considerably delicious, and the music is good” leads the J pop scene from the end of 90’s is the first on the list.
I go to America for a vocalist lesson in 97 and grow up not to mention a thing of the technology as the vocalist in N.Y. greatly mentally. I begin to write the words that stared at oneself who is real with return home and, in April, 98, carry out a debut with single “poker / face”. Thereafter the feelings to deal with all words by oneself are outcomes of sincere posture for her music, and a melody and the high singing voice of the key I listened once, and to stay in the ear let the high rank of the chart feel ability only as for staying. As well as it, it may be said that the cool accent in the making of for floors such as the re-mixture sound and the art work of the jacket is an achievement of producer / Max Matsuura.
From not only the music side but also fashion / make to the way of life, the influence to give the girls of the generation is great.

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First Love was Utada Hikaru’s 4th overall single (3rd Japanese-language) released in April 28, 1999. “First Love” sold 804,000 copies and hit #6 (8cm) and #2 (12cm) on the Oricon charts. It sold 264,890 in its first week. Both versions stayed in the charts for 13 weeks. The 12cm sold 500,890 units in Japan, while the 8cm version sold 303,430 units in Japan. The sales of the First Love singles are lower than the prior single sales because this single was released after the First Love album. However, if the sales total of both versions of the single were added together, this would give the single 804,320 sales, which would have made it the #18 single for 1999. This single reached #26 on World Charts for single airplay, and reached #20 for sales. This song is a popular ballad to sing among Japanese karaoke-goers. Being the title track of the best-selling debut and overall album in Japan, its considered her most famous singles and one of her several signature songs

This song was used in a computer prank called “Kikia”, a screamer in which in the beginning of the video, this song was heard. It was also used as a tie-in as the theme song for Majo no Jouken, a hit Japanese drama which starred Takizawa Hideaki and Nanako Matsushima.


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Vol. 6
“kyoai ~~Distance Love”
2007.7.18 Release

The new single “Mirrorcle World” to be released on Tuesday, April 8
Commemorating 10 years since her debut, ayumi hamasaki’s new single will be available in four configurations.
The first single to grace her 10th year will be released, fittingly, on April 8, the anniversary day of her debut.

Hikaru Japna site

Sakura nagano

LIVE nina

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Why do you sit down in the front row?

You are ill-mannered!  I feel it…

she sade….

and she cute!

Ayumi is Japanese singer.

This is a profile of Ayumi.

Ayumi Hamasaki, Hamasaki Ayumi?), born October 2, 1978, is a Japanese singer-songwriter and former actress. Also known as “Ayu” to her fans, Hamasaki has been dubbed the “Empress of pop” or “the Empress of J-Pop” due to her popularity and widespread influence in Japan.

Born and raised in Fukuoka, Hamasaki moved to Tokyo at the age of fourteen to pursue a career in entertainment. In 1998, Hamasaki, under the tutelage of Avex CEO Max Matsuura, released a string of modestly performing singles that concluded with her 1999 debut album A Song for XX.

The album debuted atop the Oricon charts (Japan’s primary music charts, similar to the Billboard charts) and held that position for four weeks in a row, establishing Hamasaki’s popularity in Japan.

Since her 1998 debut with the single “Poker Face”, she has sold around 50 million records, making her one of Japan’s best-selling singers.[7] With the release of her thirty-ninth single, “Startin’/Born to Be…”, in 2006, Hamasaki became Japan’s female solo artist with the most number-one singles. In addition, the release of Hamasaki’s 2008 single “Mirrorcle World” made Hamasaki the only Japanese female artist to have a number-one single every year for ten consecutive years.

She is also the first Japanese artist to have her first original eight studio albums top the Oricon charts,as well as the Japanese female artist with the most number-one singles, most Top 10 singles, highest singles sales, and most million-seller singles (this record for most million-seller singles is shared with band Pink Lady and fellow J-pop singers Namie Amuro and Hikaru Utada.)

Hikaru Utada・・・Hikaru Japan


Ayu has ventured to take every track from 2001’s “evolution” to the latest tracks from 2007 and put them all together on one best of collection completely remastered! This collection includes not only new vocal overdubs, remixes, and arrangements, but the original recorded versions conveying every breath and nuance from the time they were first released. Rather than simply putting out a collection of recorded masters, ayu’s way is to update these past in newly remastered 2007 versions. And there’s no better way to give these tracks recorded over the last six years a signature sound than by selecting as the collection’s mastering engineer Brian “Big Bass” Gardner of LA’s Bernie Grundman Mastering, a multi-Grammy Award winner and an engineer with years of experience mastering the tracks of the world’s top recording artists. Mastering that fully brings out the bottom end and pushes the vocals to the front of the mix to achieve a sound with awesome, driving energy makes the new release 『A BEST 2』also worthy of the handle “Big Bass”.

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