Posted on: June 27, 2008

First Love was Utada Hikaru’s 4th overall single (3rd Japanese-language) released in April 28, 1999. “First Love” sold 804,000 copies and hit #6 (8cm) and #2 (12cm) on the Oricon charts. It sold 264,890 in its first week. Both versions stayed in the charts for 13 weeks. The 12cm sold 500,890 units in Japan, while the 8cm version sold 303,430 units in Japan. The sales of the First Love singles are lower than the prior single sales because this single was released after the First Love album. However, if the sales total of both versions of the single were added together, this would give the single 804,320 sales, which would have made it the #18 single for 1999. This single reached #26 on World Charts for single airplay, and reached #20 for sales. This song is a popular ballad to sing among Japanese karaoke-goers. Being the title track of the best-selling debut and overall album in Japan, its considered her most famous singles and one of her several signature songs

This song was used in a computer prank called “Kikia”, a screamer in which in the beginning of the video, this song was heard. It was also used as a tie-in as the theme song for Majo no Jouken, a hit Japanese drama which starred Takizawa Hideaki and Nanako Matsushima.


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