about Ayumi Hamasaki

Posted on: July 10, 2008

Ayumi Hamazaki is the singer who is the most attractive in Japan.

Even if I am person that I am close for “the idol” of a place saying by Japanese old days, – – Ayumi Hamasaki that a woman singer that “a song is considerably delicious, and the music is good” leads the J pop scene from the end of 90’s is the first on the list.

I go to America for a vocalist lesson in 97 and grow up not to mention a thing of the technology as the vocalist in N.Y. greatly mentally. I begin to write the words that stared at oneself who is real with return home and, in April, 98, carry out a debut with single “poker / face”. Thereafter the feelings to deal with all words by oneself are outcomes of sincere posture for her music, and a melody and the high singing voice of the key I listened once, and to stay in the ear let the high rank of the chart feel ability only as for staying. As well as it, it may be said that the cool accent in the making of for floors such as the re-mixture sound and the art work of the jacket is an achievement of producer / Max Matsuura.

From not only the music side but also fashion and makeup to the way of life, the influence to give the girls of the generation is great.

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