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Japan is wet season now.
In a certain district, it is serious by confidence and rainy measures to fall from now on.
A stricken area of the earthquakes is the mountains.
A lot of people of high age live in the mountains.
Therefore I am sorry even if I watch news of the television.

However, in Nagano where I live in, there is not the damage of the earthquake. But, in the other districts, landslides are generated by a heavy rain.


Thank you for visiting it in my blog.

I live in Japanese Nagano.
This blog is my English first blog.

SAKURA is a cherry tree in Japanese.

I am a Japanese of 49 years old.
A wife is a Filipino of 22 years old.
She is becoming pregnant now and lives in the Philippines.
The eldest daughter is 1 year old by July.
Please visit it in this blog on the next time if you are interested in Japan.

I am producing an English WEB site now.
Then I look forward to seeing again.

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