There are a lot of Japanese girls who imitated a fashion of Ayumi Hamazaki. But I do not resemble AYUMI.

This is a photograph of the collections of photographs of AYUMI.

I will present it to you!




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Japan greeted autumn from summer.
As for this season, I am lonely.
The love of the summer is over, too and reaches Christmas.
Ayumi heals a heart of such me.

Ayumi Hamasaki – Voyage

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Ayumi is attractive so as to cry

You know?

It is Ayumi Hamasaki that monopolize my heart.
In Asia, it is popular Ayumi, but I want to introduce nameless Ayumi in the world.

I want you to watch this YouTube than my explanation.


Do you know it?
Ayumi Hamasaki released new music. Here, I cannot tell you, but it is very good music.

Amazon.co.jp ウィジェット

Japanese Property

A typhoon approaches Japan.
A flood happens quite often in global warming recently in the all parts of Japan.
However, in the future, it is light.
Ayumi is pretty.
Ayumi sings for the future of the earth.

Ayumi Tribute

Ayumi is attractive anytime.

The Japanese young woman imitates a fashion of Ayumi.

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Hikaru Utada doing a cover of Greenday’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

The Japanese summer is over.
And autumn comes.
I greet autumn with a song of HIKARU.

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